Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

It's a German Thing...

There are some things that are just absolutely typical for Germans. And I'm not talking about the Stereotypes like:

  • "Germans are all nazis"
    We've changed. I promise!
  • "Germans have no sense of humor"
    We do. (Although I do have to admit we're not the funniest people... That have to be the Irish, right?)
  • "Germans always wear socks in sandals"
    Believe me, we know it looks horrible, but there are just some people who haven't had this epiphany yet. But fashion magazines are already on a crusade to stop this madness. Wait and see!

Well, you get the idea. Whenever there's something typically German in my life. I'll post it and explain it to you. We Germans can be a little complicated, maybe sometimes misunderstood or just plain crazy. But we mean no harm (except in our previous history...).

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