Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

It's a German Thing... Seaside!

Would you believe it if I told you that summer vacations on the beach are possible in Germany?
Probably not.
Tourists in a strandkorb, 1955
When I think of Germany, it's hard to believe myself, but so wonderful to experience!

Sometimes in people's lives there comes a time when you just want to get away, but don't have the money for it. So what do you do? Shorttrip at minimum budget to the closest sea. (in my case: that's the German coast.)

 Beach. Sun. Sea. And believe me, sometimes that's all you need:
"By the sea, with the fishes splashing
By the sea, wouldn't that be smashing?"
Heringsdorf, Beach & Pier (Strandkorbverleih = rental of beach chairs)
The North Sea or the Baltic Sea offer more than enough spots to enjoy a lovely day on the beach. 

The  Pier of Heringsdorf (longest pier in  Germany)


The weather might be a little unsteady at times, but the beaches are clean and the water's crystal clear.

Have you noticed the adorable "Strandkörbe"? It's a German invention. Literally it means Beach Basket, it's just another type of beach chair to protect you from wind or sun.

And to be honest: isn't a stormy sea sometimes more exciting than just lying on the sand?

(Don't worry it won't be all rainy)

You can eat fried fish in a bun, "Backfisch im Brötchen", with chips /French fries, "mit Fritten". (Close to the sea or the harbour you can get all kinds of seafood.)

Beware the Seagulls!
They take a mischievous pleasure in stealing your food!


Listen to this!

And enjoy your holidays! 






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