Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

It's Springtime!

When the flowers start to bloom.
When the air smells like change.
When the birds return to you.
When the sunshine feels not only bright, but warm again.

That's how you know it's Springtime!

Here comes the Sun - The Beatles

Sundays are normally pretty boring. But a picnic on a Sunday is absolutely soothing for the soul! 
Especially when the location's so gorgeous and the company even better!

Kim and Mario - The Dreamteam

Situated in the heart of Krefeld-Linn: Linn Castle.

A moat surrounds the castle (habitat for beautiful white swans and their babies).
Thanks to my lovely friends for a wonderful picnic!
Thanks to the world for the lovely weather and for the invention of cake!
Thanks for the simple things in life!

"Es grünt so grün..."
And soon it gets really colourful: Carnival's coming!

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