Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Shopping in Düsseldorf

Today I went shopping in Düsseldorf.


It felt weird walking through a big city like Düsseldorf after spending such a long time in tiny town.

Don't get me wrong. I still prefer the big urban areas over life in the countryside (by a mile!).

Simply because there always are things that annoy me about tiny villages:
 the stores close too early, it gets boring easily, that's why people love to gossip so much.
But big cities have so much to offer and I especially love it to disappear the masses.
Life. Anonymous. Free.

When I was younger, me and my friends always went for fun to Düsseldorf. Partying, Picnic at the riverside promenade of the Rhine or exploring the Japanese culture (which is hugely represented in D-Dorf). 

The Dae Yang Supermarket on the Immermannsstraße

Drowning in my Nostalgia I couldn't resist and bought japanese Daifuku(mochi). That's a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste. They're squishy and feel a little weird in your mouth, but they're delicious!

But this time the city itself felt cold and superficial.
Not only had my favourite Japanese shop closed down... (you could take little photo sticker of you and your friends there, they're called "Purikura" and they're adorable!)

But also the persons on the streets were rather unfriendly. Always in a hurry and in a bad mood.
Businessmen in suits mumbling harsh words into their phone, rushing to their next appointment and bumping into other businessmen making them even more grumpy. 
Women with their nose in the air wearing stiletto heels and long coats with fur lining, adding more bags to their already full hands with shopping goods from their favourite designer labels. (probably trying to energize the economy themselves...?)

I seemed to be the only one not wearing a designer label. Silly me! Maybe it's my own fault for coming to Düsseldorf to run some errands. Well, they shouldn't have put a Primark there! (I didn't buy a thing...okay maybe one or two things...yeah alright...   Don't judge me!) *

Or maybe I just have outgrown the city. Or maybe the city has outgrown me...?

*My Shopping goodies:
  • Dress/Kleid: 10€ (H&M)
  • Black Flat pump/ Black Ballerinas: 8€ (Primark)
  • Flip-flops 1,50€ (Primark)

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