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Crazy Hazy Days

Before I tell you about my lovely Carnival's weekend, I'll have to explain two things first:

1. My Costume:

As you might already know: I came after a long while back to my home town Krefeld. And of course, when I packed in order to leave my tiny town Germersheim and exchange it for a much bigger city, I didn't think of Carnival at all... That's when I noticed that I had no costume whatsoever. (And considering that I made a whole post about costume ideas made this even more ironic...) So I thought about combinations of clothes that'd make a costume and I came to realise that all the important pieces of my carnevalistic wardrobe were still in Germersheim.
In the end I decided to go as a Devil. It seemed to be the easiest of the costumes: wearing black and red clothes and painting the face a little. The only thing that was missing were the horns. I didn't want to buy anything for Carnival, so I made the ears myself.  (You can find the tutorial at the end of this post.)

2. The Locations:

On Carnival's Sunday I visited my beloved friend Sunshine in Cologne and we had a great Carnival's weekend: We went out dancing, I stayed the night and we then we watched the great Rosemonday Parade.

Then we both returned to Krefeld, because we were invited to a Carnival's party at a friend's house. (but this were a more private party, so no pictures, sorry!)

Now my Impressions of

In Cologne (Köln) the whole city lives the Carnival!
Young and old celebrate together. The Festivities take up every day from dusk till dawn.
Costumes are mandatory! And people get really creative with their costumes!
Everyone knows the lyrics to the songs in Kölsch dialect and they sing loudly, dance (or at least sway with linked arms) and are simply as jolly as can be. (Alcohol, you did it again!)
The city is proud, you can tell right away, but the people are so happy and friendly which makes it okay.
(uhh...that rhymed. I'm such a badass poet.)

I've found Waldo!


They have their own Carnival cheers: 
If you want sweets, shout "Kamelle!"
If you want flowers, shout "Strüßjer!"
And just for the sake of Carnival, shout "Kölle alaaf!" ("Cologne above all")
And of course what did I shout to make absolutely clear that I don't belong there?
Yep. I'm an idiot. *face palm*
Making a fool out of myself  ☑ [Well done!]
 It's the ultimative faux-pas... 
It's like making offensive black jokes to Barack Obama or ordering beef steak at a vegetarian restaurant.

"pop culture"
In German it's a pun, because the verb "poppen" means to have sex.

Obama (President of the USA) with his eyes closed as referee.

Putin (President of Russia) gets knocked-out by the boxer Klitschko

Merkel (German Chancellor) as Buzz Lightyear - Ambitious to infinity and beyond!

Sunshine and me were only interested in catching flowers instead of Candy, but these so-called "Strüßjer" are very hard to get. You have to make eyecontact with person who gives them out and for them you are just someone in the crowd...
And when you finally get one, you have to exchange "Bützchen" (little kisses).
So mostly we caught sweets. But whenever we caught something edible, we gave it to some girl next to us.
 In return she gave us the rose she caught. We caught a second rose a little while later, but it was so nice of her!

Sunshine and me ♥

The usual clubbing scenery: people dancing, hooking up, singing along the lyrics, drinks, fog machine, flashy lights etc.
(sorry for the rather bad quality, but my camera isn't the newest model and got tired that evening very early.)


The Devil's Horns Tutorial:

You'll need:
  • Black hairband or Alice band
  • Needle and black thread
  • Carton from an egg carton box or just roll carton to little horns
  • something to color your horns with (I choose red/orange crepe paper because I had some left over, but a red magic marker should do it, too.)
    • optional: black fabric to hide the stitches/stitching 

First sew the black fabric to the places where you're horns will be. Make sure to wear the headband first to mark the right spots for your horns (you don't want them to be to far apart or too close). Then cover your egg carton pieces in red crepe paper or colour them and sew them to the Alice band.
In case you're wondering why my crepe paper is so weirdly coloured: It was a rainy day when I bought it and it soaked through the entire paper: turning yellow and orange into all shades of red and orange.
But it gave a nice effect to my horns as if they were on fire.

twirling my beard

Don't take Life too seriously!


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