Samstag, 1. März 2014

It's a German Thing... the fifth season!

Hellau und alaaf!

It's "Karneval"!
Und alle Jecken kommen aus ihren Verstecken!
(Ich sollte Dichter werden...)

"Was dir gefällt - na na na na na na na
die ganze Welt - na na na na na na na
Schenk mir dein Herz,
ich schenk' dir meins
nur die Liebe zählt!"
Höhner - Schenk mir dein Herz

There are so many far worse German Carnival's Songs ("Schlager")

"The Carnival week begins on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday with parades being held during the weekend and finishes on Ash Wednesday, with the main festivities occurring around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). This time is also called the "Fifth Season." [...]
The Rheinish Carnival is held in the west of Germany, mainly in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate, and is famous for celebrations such as parades and costume balls. Cologne Carnival is the largest and most famous.
On Carnival Thursday (called "Old Women Day" or "The Women's Day"), in commemoration of an 1824 revolt by washer-women, women storm city halls, cut men's ties, and are allowed to kiss any man who passes their way.
The "Swabian-Alemannic" Carnival, known as Fastnacht, takes place in Baden and Swabia (Southwestern Germany), Switzerland, Alsace and Vorarlberg (Western Austria). It traditionally represents the time of year when the reign of the cold, grim winter spirits is over and these spirits are being hunted down and expelled."

 Thanks Wikipedia.

But Karneval represents so much more:
  • First of all, a lot of Drinking:
    White people need their Dancing Juice!
  • The Music:
    Mostly so-called "Schlager" [see above: Höhner - Schenk mir dein Herz (Give me your Heart)]. Pop Songs where the people can easily join in and sing along, because the lyrics are very repetative. The chanting of those songs can be heard even miles away.
  •  But also the magical feeling of Disguise:
    A Costume changes the rules! For the Carnivals period you can be anything or anyone you like!
    A costume is the license to do whatever you feel like and get away with it (at least if it really hides who you are). Next to Halloween this is the only time for girls to be slutty without being judged.
  • "Büttenrede":
    It's a humorous speech to make fun of society, politics (in particular the government), of the current economy and all other topics to make people laugh. It's a form of critic that has to be tolerated by everyone because it's Carnival.
  • The Parades:
    The parades consist of decorated "Festtagswagen" (wagons) and walking people from different carnival societies. Sometimes just colorful, sometimes with critical messages or parodies of politicians, of society, of celebrities, etc. During the procession the people on those wagons throw candy to the people when they scream the typical Carneval word (In Cologne it's "Kölle Alaaf!" ; in Düsseldorf and Mainz it's "Hellau!")
Düsseldorfer Karneval 2011
It says "For us every day is World Youth Day."

Düsseldorfer Karneval 2011

[Dress up] and follow me into [crazy hazy days] of Carnival!

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