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Interrail - Day 13,14: Birthday Girl in Barcelona

On the 26th of March we took the train back from Madrid to Barcelona and looked for our hostel. We stayed once again in the St. Christopher's Inn and it's just perfect! I can't repeat myself often enough. It's situated quite central and comfy as always for a good price. (Oh by the way: In Barcelona they charge you with a tourist tax...) We dumped our stuff and did a free walking tour and got an overview of the city quickly.

We learned about the culture and the history of Barcelona and the stories took weird turns and endings, but our guide was so nice and lovely that we had a really good time.

For example did you know that the Eiffel tower should originally be standing in Barcelona, but some guy refused it and it became the symbol of Paris?
Or that the city's patron saint is a hairy girl named Eulalia?

Legend has it that a long time ago, the Christians were forced by the Romans to give up their belief. But a  13 year old girl named Eulalia refused to do so and the Romans got angry with her, so that they put her in a wooden barrel with all kinds of spikes and knives and glass and rolled her 13 times up and down a hill to break her spirit.  But god saved her and she got out of the barrel without a scratch. The Romans couldn't bear to be humiliated by such a little girl, so they made her strip all her clothes in the middle of the market place to degrade her in front of all people. But god stepped in a second time and on her body grew so much hair that it covered all of her body for no one to see anything. In their rage the Romans decided to decapitate her. After the deed was done, a dove came out of her neck and flew up to heaven.

The people of Barcelona sure love a good hairy person. Male or female who cares? As long as it covers as much of their body as possible.
There was another story about a girl:
The girl with the most beautiful eyes. The men were so attracted by these eyes that they couldn't stop staring. But she was very religious, so in order to secure her virtue she carved her own eyes out. God was impressed by such a sacrifice that he rewarded her with even more beautiful eyes. (Makes total sense...)

You can ask the guides of these tours pretty much anything, for example for cool clubs, bars, cheap restaurants etc. You can get the best mojitos at a bar called Rubi. So if you find the time, check it out!

We then decided to hit the market place to get smoothies for 1€ and I tell you: They're delicious! (Tip: In the evening just before the market hall closes is the best time to go there because everything's cheaper!) The salesman must have gotten the different kinds of smoothies mixed up, but it tasted so good, so that I didn't care to complain about it.

After that we went to a bar and drank sangria and toasted to my upcoming birthday.

27th of March is as some of you might know my birthday! My lovely amigas organised cake and strawberries and together we took a stroll down the rambla until we reached the harbour.

There we had a little picnic while enjoying the sun and watching the seagulls fight over food. It was very amusing until they came closer and seemed to demand our food now.

We continued our journey with a sunny chilling session at the beach. The wind was a little too cold and the sea a little too restless for us to go for a swim. But the surfer seemed to enjoy the waves. And we enjoyed watching them  take their clothes off...erm I mean... do their stunts. ❤
But it got boring after a while, because the surfer guys know they're being watched and crave the attention for their huge egos. It's only fun when the boys don't get so cocky.

After our breakfast picnic it was time for lunch and we went out to a little restaurant. Most of these restaurants have some kind of menu consisting of 2 courses plus dessert and a drink (in some cases a coffee is included as well) for max. 10€. (We ate by the way for 7,90€).

We then took the metro to get to Park Güell. It's way up on a hill, so we had to rise up high first. Fortunately we found  the escalators again. The park is beautiful and we had another cake session in the sun with view over the entire city. Recently you have to pay a fee of 8€ to get into the actual mosaic part of the park which I think is pretty ridiculous. Simply a little too high for my taste. They might scare away the tourists eventually...which would be a total pity since Barcelona is absolutely beautiful!

At night we revisited the Rambla, a little trip by night around the city to finally get back in your bed and find yourself sleeping as a little baby. Walking all day makes really tired, but it felt great and in my dreams I could revise and process all the great things that had happened.

Thank you, Sunshine, Nita & Johanna for an awesome Birthday!
And to my friends, the hope for many more to come!

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