Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Interrail - Day 16: Milano/Mailand

From Ventimiglia we took a train to Milan and got welcomed in the night by dark and weird people. In the underground station vendors sell iPhone cases, sunglasses etc. But with a real pushy attitude.. Some of the vendors sell roses and put them right in your hand for you to hold them and then they want you to buy them since you accepted the rose by holding it for a second. (Sly as a snake!)

Some other beggars down there help the tourists. They choose the tickets for the metro rides for them and then ask for a tip in return for their help. In retrospect, I actually feel sorry for the poor guy that helped us to find the right ticket, because we didn't give him anything...But we were short on money ourselves...So no luck...

We reached the hostel and fell asleep immediately. The hostel was kind of weird... You were promised a bed in a 6 Bed dorm, but it was the size of a doublebed hotel room stuffed with 6 single beds... Comfy is different... The bath was clean, but it was one bathroom for the whole floor and we couldn't lock the door. So no shower for us either...

You can already tell... This day (30th of March) started badly and only got worse.

At one point on your interrail trip you'll reach the point where you are just so annoyed at eachother...
You spend everyday and every waking hour with them. Literally 24/7. And'll drive you crazy.
Johanna is a lovely girl and I don't mean to be a pain myself, but on this particular day the point was reached. And nerves were pushed over the edge.
I would have loved to scream. At her. At me. At the world. Believe me. I love to think that I'm rather patient with the people around me, but sometimes the line is crossed. Crossed by really little things.

We were still bummed out about the shower thing, so we were both a little moody and then we had a first disagreement about the storage of our luggage. I wanted to leave it at the hostel, I mean we had to check out early, but the storage was free. Johanna wanted to make sure her stuff was safe at a luggage drop-off at the train station and not just lying around in the hostel.
She convinced me (but that day it felt more like she overruled me...) and we managed to store our luggage there, but I was pretty mad at her, because it was so expensive. It would have been fine by me, if we didn't have to pay so much for it, but 6€ per piece for 6 hours...?! Please believe me I usually don't get so pissed at little things, but this time... I was seething with anger. (If I could have seen me back then, I wouldn't have recognized me.)

We went to the Dome in Milan and stood in line to get inside. Security guards checked purses to make sure you didn't take anything inappropriate into Church and were dressed properly. We were sure to get in, but wrong again: They singled out Johanna and told her to stay outside while I was allowed to go inside. I wasn't sure what to do, but I didn't want to let this opportunity go to waste... and I went inside.
This time it was Johanna's turn to be mad. She felt left alone and waited outside having nothing to do (although I have to say to my defense that I did spend like max. 5 minutes inside). I can understand her feelings now, but that day... I have to say I was annoyed and felt like she overreacted. (I don't know if it's of any use to her now, but I'm sorry).

Interrail makes you stick together no matter what, so we had to keep going. And we walked through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the first shopping malls with shops dating back to 1775. Nowadays brands like Prada, Gucci, Dolce&Gabana etc. control the city and reign in the gallery. 
Be careful: There are a lot of snobs walking around. Better wear something chique or they're gonna run over you with their high heels, like they did with us. (oh crappy, crappy day... and yet the sun was shining brightly mocking us...).

We then walked around the city. But we realised how tired we were and how aggitated that made us feel, so we decided to make us a really slow day. Walking around without rush. Passing time, watching people. Laying down in the park behind Castello Sforzesco.

Everyone seemed to have the same idea to take a day off and make a lazy chill-out session with picnic in the park. Even little Lizards joined us.

The day passed by easily and at the end of the day we made up for all the stupid things that had happend with icecream.

From Milan we took a train to Rome. 

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