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Interrail - Day 20: Venice /Venedig

The first time I had been to Venice, I was on a school trip, we drove into the city on a water boat and it was like a magical entrance.
But this time (3rd of April) we were entering the city via train. Which was so surreal...
It was like driving over water...

Scenes from Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki
 And in a far away distance the city Venice came in sight. It was stunning and at the same a little....well scary? It's not the right word, but I can't think of the right word right now.

We stored our luggage at Piazzale Roma (7€ per piece of baggage, but for 24h storage. Unfortunately it's only open from 6am to 20pm.)We then took the Vaporetto (7€ per person for 1h) and drove as far as possible down the Canal Grande.

Look out for the signs pointing in the direction of famous places!
We stopped at "Giardini" and strolled from there around the city. The little alleys form a labyrinth, but you can't really get lost in Venice, because there are signs to famous places at every corner which point to important places like St. Marcus or the Rialto Bridge for orientation.

The big places of the city were filled with people, mostly tourists. And between the tourist vendors with the "typical" Venice masks. So we decided to look for the perfect mask. I wanted a little extravagant one, but it was hard to find one. I finally fell in love with a cat ear mask, but it was too expensive (38 €)...
But I couldn't resist taking a picture!

We then got a little hungry and ate Pizza and Ice cream afterwards. Those Italians know their food business!
Then the search for the perfect mask continued. In the end I decided for a this mask (ca. 10€):

The whole day floated away, but it was still a beautiful day in Venice. When the night came, the whole city was lighted and the water reflected it beautifully.

But for us, the journey ended here: Our nighttrain back to Germany was waiting. We picked up our luggage and got on the night train to Munich. In the compartement, we sat together with two American guys and a couple with a baby. I don't want to be mean, but babies on a nighttrain are one of my least favourite things... Although I have to admit that this one was the whole night silent, but I still couldn't sleep, because the seats were awful. But just before Munich, the train stopped suddenly and we didn't know yet what exactly happened, everyone said something about an accident, but noone dared to mention the word "suicide". We waited for an hour and a half, stuck in the compartement with the now crying baby. It was hot and stuffy and awful. Finally someone from the train staff confirmed what we had all been thinking: Someone jumped in front of a train and now the way was blocked. We waited endlessly and finally the train began moving again...

In the end we reached Munich and our tour ended. I'll never forget all the ups and downs. The nights with and without sleep. And all the beauty surrounding us.

After this trip, returning to normal life was pretty weird. It felt somehow wrong to stay at one place for more than two days and yet my body loved having his own bed again and getting fed homecooked meals (And I can't tell you how much I've missed the bathtub!). But I'll definitely do interrail again some time... But I'm wiser now, so hopefully I won't make the same mistakes again.

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