Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

It's a German Thing... Music!

It's obvious that German has a rather harsh tone, but we tend to think that German has more too offer than commands. Maybe people would like us Germans a little more if we showed them that German can sound soft and nice as well.
Here are a few German Songs that are actually popular in Germany (you might need Youtube Unblocker to listen to some of them, because the organisation GEMA has blocked a lot of German music videos):

Nena - 99 Luftballons [99 balloons] (Click here)
Die Ärzte
- Schrei nach Liebe [Cry for Love] (Click here)
- Rebell [Rebel] (Click here)
- Schundersong [Bully Song] (Click here)
- Westerland (Click here)
- Lasse Redn [Let them talk] (Click here)
- Wie es geht [How to do it] (Click here)
- Fette Elke [Fat Elke] (Click here)
- Monsterparty [Monster party] (Click here)
- Deine Schuld [Your fault] (Click here)
Bosse - Schönste Zeit [Best time] (Click here)
Jennifer Rostock
- Feuer [Fire] (Click here)
- Du willst mir an die Wäsche [You want to get under my skirt] (Click here)
Culcha Candela
- Schöne neue Welt [Brave New World] (Click here)
- Von allein [Without effort] (Click here)
- Monsta (Click here)
- Hamma! [Wicked!] (Click here)
Fettes Brot
- Jein [Mix of Yes and No] (Click here)
- An Tagen wie diesen [On days like these] (Click here)
- Schwule Mädchen [Gay Girls] (Click here)
- Songs für Liam [Songs for Liam] (Click here)
- Ich will nicht nach Berlin [I don't want to go to Berlin] (Click here)
Roger Cicero - Das ganze Leben ist ein Zoo [Life is a zoo] (Click here)
Ich + Ich (Adel Tawil)
- Lieder [Songs] (Click here)
- Vom selben Stern [From the same star] (Click here)
- Du erinnerst mich an Liebe [You remind me of Love] (Click here)
- Stark [Strong] (Click here)
- Whatever (Click here)
- Einmal um die Welt [Once around the world] (Click here)
Tim Bendzko - Nur noch kurz die Welt retten [Just saving the world real quick] (Click here)
Die Fantastischen Vier
- Troy [Pun because of Name of Troy and Treu=Loyal, both words sound the same] (Click here)
- MfG [MfG stands for "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" = Sincerely] (Click here)
- Ernten was wir säen [Literally: We reap what we sow; Meaning: What goes around, comes around] (Click here)
- Das kann uns keiner nehmen [No one can take this from us] (Click here)
- Spinner [Madman/Fool/Nutcase] (Click here)
- Freunde bleiben [Staying Friends] (Click here)
Juli - Wir Beide [Us two] (Click here)
- Symphonie [Symphony] (Click here)
- Das Beste [The very best] (Click here)
- 'Ne Leiche (feat. SDP) [a corpse] (Click here)
- Bilder im Kopf [Pictures in my Head] (Click here)
- Strassenjunge [Street kid] (Click here)
- Schlechtes Vorbild [Bad Role Model] (Click here)
Wir sind Helden
- Denkmal [Monument/memorial] (Click here)
- Nur ein Wort [Only one word] (Click here)
- Aurélie (Click here)
Herbert Grönemeyer - Alkohol [Alcohol] (Click here)
- Mensch [Human] (Click here)
Die Toten Hosen
- Tage wie diese [Days like these] (Click here)
- Zehn kleine Jägermeister [Ten little Jägermeister; Drinking Song] (Click here)
- Alles aus Liebe [All because of Love] (Click here)
- Hier kommt Alex [Here comes Alex] (Click here)
- Bonnie und Clyde [Bonnie and Clyde] (Click here)
- Friss oder Stirb [Eat or Die] (Click here)
- Strom [Electricity] (Click here)
Jan Delay
- Oh Jonny (Click here)
Karpatenhund - Gegen den Rest [Against all others] (Click here)
Lena Meyer-Landrut - Satellite [It's an English Song, but it won the Eurovision Song Contest] (Click here)
Sportfreunde Stiller
- Applaus, Applaus [Applause, applause] (Click here)
- Ein Kompliment [A compliment] (Click here)
- '54, '74, '90, 2010 [years in which Germany won the soccer world cup] (Click here)
- Ding [Thing] (Click here)
- Augenbling [Sparkle in the eye](Click here)
Peter Fox
- Schwarz zu Blau [Black to blue] (Click here)
- Alles neu [Renew everything] (Click here)
- Schüttel deinen Speck [Shake your curvaceous body] (Click here)
Andreas Burani - Auf uns [To us!] (Click here)
Annette Louisan
- Das Gefühl [The feeling] (Click here)
- Das Spiel [The Game] (Click here)
- Eve (Click here)
- Zu viel Information [Too much information] (Click here)

- Depp [Idiot] (Click here)
- Ausgesprochen Unausgesprochen [pronounced silence] (Click here)

A lot of the German Songs are society critical or have a political message, some are just meant to be funny or entertaining (for example the ones about soccer and beer).

Please, listen and enjoy!


  1. What about Seeed's "Ding"? :D
    PS: Written like that, it sounds pretty ambiguous, I guess. Oopsie!

    1. haha :D
      ups yeah I forgot seeed... as well as Peter Fox... I'll correct this ;) Don't worry :)
      And I promise to update it every once in a while :)