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Zeitgeist 1

Today I changed the title of my blog from "Foodpath of a Stray Cat" to "Zeitgeist". (I have to change the design a little more, too...)
I've been thinking about changing the title for a while now. When I started this blog, I was just going to talk about my experiences on travels and maybe show you how great the food in other cultures is.
But I soon came to realise that this is a very superficial use of my words and my memories. Also most of you already know this stuff and I began to ask myself the same question over and over:
 What or who I was writing this blog for?
And as logical as "I write just for me to clear my head" sounds, it didn't satisfy the question in my head. And it seemed like I was - out of all people - even disappointing myself now.

AND that, my friend, is a thought I couldn't live with.

So I changed the title and with it the focus of my blog to make sure that this blog isn't a complete waste of time or energy.

In other words: Zeitgeist is a mindset or worldview of a generation.

It's originally a German word, but the English language adapted the word and I strongly related to it because I am a German girl, but I instead of writing in my mothertongue, I write in English to reach out to a lot of people.
Writing in English isn't gonna stop, but it doesn't feel anymore like I'm trying to be the better English (wo)man. I'm German and it's easy to be seen in the title.
And I'm not going to talk only about myself anymore, because I don't really see myself as someone important, but I'm part of a generation. And the masses have the power.

So from now on, I'll promise to record not only my little world, but also the view on everything that happens around me.

When I'll look back on blog posts, I want to see the face of a generation, not the conceited image of a boring and spoiled girl.

I can't guarantee that my view on things won't be naive sometimes, but I give it my best shot to stay informed and open to the world around me.

So for the first Zeitgeist, I'll just write what comes to mind and give you a few links to read up on interesting stuff.

1) A good friend of mine and I go jogging every now and then. What she doesn't know, is that the only reason I go jogging with her is that she's my motivation. She comes by and then I have to go. Kicks my couchpotato-self's butt!
But she always tells me that she goes jogging by herself as well and my little insecure self tells her: "yeah of course, I go by myself, too." What I leave out is the fact that I haven't gone by myself in a loooooooong while (I honestly can't remember the last time, so we could speak "never"). So when she told me once again that she needed the extra-all-by-herself-rounds, I made a plan to go jogging alone for once. The sportive and ambitious part of myself seemed motivated and I actually made it pretty far, but I couldn't stand a chance against the sun and my chest was screaming for a break. I stopped and walked slowly the rest of the way. And then it happened. So suddenly that I didn't know how to react: A deer. It hopped between the trees, then it waited for me to realise what I was seeing. It stared at me. The typical deer stare. Then it looked past me like it knew something I hadn't yet noticed and ran away. A few moments later a group of stupid teenies walked along, giggeling and chatting about guys or mean teachers or Justin Bieber or whatever the hell teenies of today talk about. I somehow felt sad. For them. They couldn't see the grace of this cute animal. (It wasn't white though as the picture might suggest, but I kind of liked it and it was the same ghostly stare!)

2) The World Cup 2014 is all the people talk and the press is writing about (easily filling houndreds of pages). But it can't cover up all the problems. Soccer can't substitute food for the poor in Brazil. There have been a lot of protests by the locals against the World Cup...
I feel a little sorry for the Spanish team that they lost right at the start. Spain has enough problems and the people could have used a little distraction from the financial problems of the country. The people need these kinds of distractions to keep up their hope and to ease the rage of the population against the crown.

3) Which brings me to the next point of business: Crown Prince Felipe has become King of Spain. The poor guy has to make up for all the scandals his family has done in the past few months. Good luck with that.

4) Did you know that there is a playboy for the blind? I mean for real. I didn't. It seemed to me like an absurd idea to have a boobie magazine for the blind. They must be the few people who actually read the articles! But then again... they see with their hands... Read more.

5) There is a alternate universe where the Bruce Wayne dies as a child instead of his parents causing his father Thomas Wayne to become Batman and his mother Martha to go insane and become the Joker (it's from the Flashpoint timeline):

6) Creep-factor of the month: Kids
Sometimes children can be pretty scary...This was by far the creepiest story I've read so far involving kids.

7) What if the Earth stopped spinning? And some more useful facts about the spinning of our planet.

If you found any of this helpful or if you want me to react to something in particular, just let me know. Do you like the mixture or do you want me to leave something out? I'll continue this as frequently as possible!
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