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College Humour

Whenever I return home (from study town to home town), I realise how blessed I was and am right now.
 Semestre break is like a vacation. I get pampered and loved and cared about. Hugged and kissed.
It's like in a five-star hotel, but I'm the only guest and it feels luxurious in more heartfelt way. There might not be modern furniture, room service and a maid who's cleaning up after you, but as a student you'll come to realise a whole new kind of luxury:

Starting with the absolute basic stuff:
The toilet paper. is. never. empty. NEVER!
You don't know how special this is. I mean, I don't have to carry the fucking toilet paper around town to be awkwardly stared at by people who suddenly seem like they never took a poop in their life before. (Maybe that's why they walk around so stiff...) Well, newsflash people: everybody poops. Get over it.

But it's getting more ridiculous:

Doing the laundry: When I still lived at home, it always was a pain in the arse to wash my clothes because it was "too much work". Boy, was I a fool... I didn't even know how much work it can get.
Living on my own opened my eyes how annoying it is when you have to pay every time to get some laundry done and when you have to hang up every stupid piece of clothing you own. Or when you share the stupid washing machine with 12 others. And these guys know exactly when you want to wash and block the machine with their stuff (especially when you have only one clean shirt left... They just know. When that time comes, they feel it tingling in their bellybuttons.).
Now that I'm currently back at my parents I get exhilarated only by the thought of a free washing mashine and a freaking laundry dryer. The push of two buttons and all clean. Bada-Boom! Done.

Next to cleaning your clothes, comes cleaning your body and that's where the spa-effect kicks in:
Waiting for you at home is the bath tub. Nothing against a good shower, but a bath tub has what it takes to finally relax all your muscles and clean the dirty basterd you are at the same time. I sure did miss these lovely curves. But we are reunited again and I'm filling this badboy up right now by the way.

Loyal bed. There never has been a truer friend than that simple mattress which is for more than 10 years now perfectly matched to your back. And in my case two little fur balls lie all curled up in it. Don't underestimate the massaging effect of a purring cushion.


Oh and the food! Never forget the food! Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Huge plates like roast or a fish course or [Insert food you wouldn't normally make for yourself] magically appear!
And speaking of food, I'm hungry right now, so I just go down, open the fridge and it's filled with all kinds of goodies! So I just take out whatever I like and it refills like magic! (If there was someday a Zombie apocalypse we could survive a long time without leaving the house.)
Remember that poor student-single life where you look in the fridge and you're more likely to find your shoes in there than literally anything edible? Well, at home there is no such thing. I'm serious, our fridge is never empty. But not only the fridge. Looking around in the kitchen makes you really want to cook something and I'm definitely not the type of girl who likes to cook. But when there are garlic and onions and herbs like basil and parsley around, it creates this unbelievably amazing aromatic smell! It just makes you wanna be a chief cook! And the whole week when my parents were at work I cooked.Yes, you could say I'm a regular Martha Stewart now.
I'm surprised at myself. It's like I have all these ingredients and I just want to put them together like:
Puff! Voilà and now eat up! I can't really explain it to myself, but it seems my one true love(= food) and I have reached a new level of intimacy.

  This is my meal of the day:
1) Main course:
Noodles with broccoli and minced meat with a Yogurt sauce.
  1. Boil your favourite kind of noodles in a pot with salted water.
  2. Rinse the broccoli shortly and cut it in little pieces. In the last 5 minutes before the noodles are done, add the broccoli florets into the pot to shortly boil them.
  3. Fry the minced meat in a frying pan and season the meat with salt and pepper(+ paprika powder if you like it.)
  4. Mix Yogurt with any seasoning you like: I did make a mixture of garlic, salt, pepper, paprika powder and a herb mix of oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil.
  5. Strain the noodles with the broccoli and put them on a plate. Place the meat over the noodles and broccoli and finally pour the Yogurt sauce over it all.

2) Dessert:
One huge+thick Banana-Pancake with blackberry/brambleberry marmelade and chocolate sauce.
  • For the marmelade: 
    1. You take about 250g of any kind of fruit you like, in my case blackberries, wash them properly and put half of them in a mixer to really squeeze them into a smoothie-like consistency (if it's not fluid enough, add a little bit of water).The other half you slice into little pieces.
    2. Mix the "smoothie" with gelling sugar (3:1) and stir for a few minutes and let it sink in for about 30 Minutes.
    3.  Put the mixture in a pot, together with the rest of the sliced fruit and heat it up under constant stiring. 
    4. Let it boil on its own for about 5 minutes and then fill it up in a heat resistant container to cool down.
  • For the Banana-Pancakes:
    1. Take two Bananas and slice them up. 
    2. Add two eggs and mix the mixture together until it's really smooth (I put it all in a mixer, it's faster.)
    3. Fry your Pancakes in a frying pan.
      (I didn't have luck with turning the pancakes and I burned every single one of them..., so I decided to fill the rest of the mixture in a microwave-proof bowl and put it in the microwave for about 3 Minutes to really heat through the whole thing. I ended up with a funny-looking-one-piece-huge-pancake. It tastes great though.)
    • Garnish the Pancakes with your marmelade. (I heated up some Nutella and poured it over the pancakes, but that's not really necessary, I just have a sweet tooth for chocolate!)

Fancy meal for such a non-fancy occasion. And when you think about it: pretty healthy, too. (Btw: Exchange the Pancakes for Panacotta and you got yourself some really depression-food.)
I don't really know what's wrong with me. Maybe Martha Stewart really took possession of my body...?
Whatever I felt like commemorating this meal, because I never cook. Have fun and hopefully everyone enjoys their semestre break as I do!

Looking back at the start, I really feel spoiled. Sorry?

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