Samstag, 2. August 2014

Foodpath 3: Mojito Royale

As Tyler Oakley would put it quite eloquent:

My one and only Queen!

"Girl, Mama needs a Drink!"

Hell yeah and I deserve a drink! I've finished my exams for this semester, I'm burned out and ready for a summer vacation! And what could be better than a Mojito Royale to beat the summer heat? 

Well, actually I'm not much of an alcohol expert and to be honest I was anti-alcohol for a good part of my life, so there might be better drinks and maybe better recipes, but I quite like Mojitos and I like this variation of a Mojito!
So, deal!

Mojito Royale

  • 2 shots of Rum
  • 22 ml Lime juice
  • Sugar or
    Sugar Syrup (water-sugar-ratio: 2:1)
  • Mint leaves
  • Crushed Ice
  • Champagne/sparkling wine (Sekt/Prosecco)
    • optional: Lemonade/Sprite
  1. Put the mint leaves in the glass and pour in the rum and the sugar(syrup) and the lime juice. (The quantity of the lime juice and sugar depend a little on your taste).
  2. Put in crushed ice to half of the glass and stir it a little. Then put more crushed ice in and stir some more.
  3. Top it of champagne, stir a last time et voilà! ( I usually add a little lemonade to it as well, just so you know: Yes, I'm guilty of being a sugary person.)
As you might have already guessed: It's the Princess under the Mojitos. Pretty luxury if you pour Champagne into it, pretty soft if you, like me, pour in the Lemonade to cover up the taste of alcohol.

Like good students we sat down on campus and just got drunk.
There's no other way of putting it. That's it.
Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do. It's that simple (haha).

But it was the summer time kind of drunk: Sun is shining, drinks are flowing, you're talking trash, but everyone's laughing and rolling around in the grass, taking clothes off because of the heat...oh erm...nevermind.
No puking, no regretful make-out sessions, no embarassing morning-after-sneak-out.

Except for a hurt foot, nothing major happened.

To the ones who know me, it might seem very unlike me, but I guess, I like to surprise the people around me.
People think I'm boring because I don't drink. But it's the other way around! I don't drink, because I don't want to be boring! For other people there comes the time of less insecurities when they drink, for me, it's different. I tend to get sleepy and moody and that's just a site of me that I'd like to keep down as often as possible when I'm sober, so it comes up when I drink.
And I don't despise drinking itself or people for doing it, not even people for overdoing it. But I still believe if you drink, drink because you want to be happy, not because of sadness (that only leads to bad decisions). Drink on occasions, you can do nothing wrong with that:
It's your Birthday: Have a Drink!
You got your driving license: Have a drink, but don't you dare drive after that!
You got married: Have a Drink!
Exams over: Have a Drink!
Sun is shining: have a Drink! (haha)
Whatever it is you're drinking to, make sure it is a happy occasion and you have your friends around to have a great time!

Make drinking fun, not an excuse for you to stop thinking. Thinking is the only thing that sets you apart from animals, so don't lose that!

And know your limit...believe me, there is no better advice I can give you!

"So, all right, my friends, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will all be in a great deal of pain!"

Have a lovely ☼ Summer!

btw: I'm vomit free since ninety-three. Let's try and keep it that way (haha)!


  1. As long as you make sure Katja is not the one mixing, you're going to stay vomit free! Btw love the last photo, so funny!

    1. Haha :D good point.
      The last photo is from the tv series "Gilmore Girls". I loved it, but it's pretty 90's.
      In the first episodes, having a mobile phone is rare :D:D haha

  2. That picture will be my new all-time-happy desktop background; you basically captured summer with that!

    Also, what a brilliant post, I could not think of any better way to put it!
    As for the recipe, I seriously don't know what you put it in for, I can't remember EVER mixing a drink according to recipe (as, apparently, is well known around the block, judging by Flaneurs comment haha) - and I still manage to stay vomit-free for the most part!.

    Love you and miss you!

    =^.^= Koneko.

    1. :) haha thanks, I'm glad you like it and I miss you, too. Buttercup :)

      The recipe is the real Mojito Royale, we had a little trouble: our ice was melting even before we could pour anything in. And we didn't have champagne :D But maybe some other time we can recreate the real mojito royale :)
      But as long as we had a good time, seems like it at least was latin fever ;) :D