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Stray Cat in VENICE

When I wrote my blogpost about Venice (Interrail), I got a little sentimental because I had already been to Venice, Italy, on my school trip with our art class in October of 2011.

We entered the city via motorboat and it was amazing. You felt like a king or queen making an entrance at the ball. But at the same time, it was windy and water-hopping is really fun! Back then we were forced to go to a lot of Art museums and exhibitions which was a little tiring, on Interrail we pretty much just did what we wanted to do. Either way you get pretty much around.

Trivia about Venice:
  • Around the Rialto Bridge and Piazza de San Marco, everything is very expensive and touristic. Especially Ice Cream is extremely pricey in Venice.
  • Local supermarkets have a normal price range: "Billa"
  • Biennale de Venezia : every two years there's a major contemporary art exhibition
  • Gondola ride costs a lot (80+ €): share a gondola with more people to split the bill or just take the vaporettos (water buses that zig-zag over the Grand Canal; 1h for 7€ per person) or traghetti (a gondola-like ferry that brings you to the other side. As a tourist, you'll be expected to pay €2 (resident rate: 70 cents). But it's still cheaper than a gondola ride.
  • When taking the traghetto, please remember: only tourists sit down, try to stand up during the crossing (Only if you feel brave enough!)

When I was in Venice a second time I realised:
You grow with every travel, but not only you, the world around you changes as well.
So don't expect to find the same excitement when you visit the same place twice.
You won't recognize it the way you did back then. But that's okay.
 Open your eyes and heart to the new things and keep the old memories in your heart:

When you're there, you can breathe in the smell of salt water and feel the wind on my skin blowing through your hair.

Venice by night (Foto by K. Skutta)

The only animal you'll see in Venice (Foto by K. Skutta)


The water is the master here.

There's no other city like Venice where the time seems to stand still and all worries seems to float away. 
Art is captured forever in the eternal beauty of the city itself.

The people are missing the plants and flowers. That's why they plant them on their houses.

On Burano, an island in the Venetian lagoon, they impress with their colourful painted houses.
Murano, another Venetian island, is famous for its glass making.

Venice is beautiful, there's no doubt about that. But after a while of walking around, seeing everything, you realise:

1) I wouldn't want to live there because to me it will always be an artificial paradise. A Labyrinth of Water and Stone. It's like a self-built cage so to speak. I'd miss the nature. The flowers, plants and trees. The animals. And also everything has to be imported to the island which makes shopping pretty expensive...

2) But even more important is that you should be visiting Venice at least once in your lifetime. One of the main reasons behind the charm of Venice, is the fact that is seems to be floating upon the waters of the lagoon. However the dark truth is that the city is actually sinking and has been for a long time now. That's why it's the kind of beauty that could be gone tomorrow and you wouldn't even notice it. I'm serious. Venice will vanish someday and you'd never seen such beauty!

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