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1) Ramadan: From the 28th of June until the 28th of July Muslims all around the world started fasting. While fasting from dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking, and engaging in sexual relations. For one whole month Muslims all around the globe follow these rules.
For me, this is self-inflicted torture, but I guess I'm just a spoiled Christian girl.
But there is more to Ramadan: In some interpretations Muslims also refrain from other behavior which could be perceived as sinful such as swearing, engaging in disagreements, backbiting and procrastination.
One month without swearing, fighting or badmouthing that would be a Ramadan Challenge I'd be willing to take. Another useful Ramadan idea would be to stop complaining for a whole month. Or instead of stopping something from happening, why don't we start something instead? Why not saying Yes to everything for a whole month (Just like in the movie the Yes-Man with Jim Carrey: Watch the Trailer to know what I'm talking about)?

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 2) Gay Pride! There are so many Gay Pride Parades all around the world and I can only say how supportive I feel for these people. I'm not gay, but if I'd get the chance, I'd march with them! 
Unite for Love! Unite for Equality! Happy Gay Pride, everyone!  
Backstage at the performance of the travesty group The Cockettes (1971, New York)© Leonard Freed/Magnum Photos/Agentur Focus

3) The Ebola virus still rages in West Africa and claims more and more victims every day. Now the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the spread of the virus an international health emergency because according to the WHO's director-general Margaret Chan "the outbreak is moving faster than we can control it". People all around the world fear the spreading of the virus, especially an outbreak in India seems possible since three cases of the Ebola virus have been detected there.
Ebola has no proven cures and there is no vaccine to prevent infection, so the only treatment focuses on isolation and alleviating symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhoea (all of which can contribute to severe dehydration). But the West African countries mostly lack in financial and material resources to provide enough clean water and medical treatment. But the problem with the virus runs deeper: Locals mistrust the doctors because they wear full gear of protective clothing when treating a patient and some locals believe that the doctors brought the disease over the people. Furthermore, the medical centers are already filled to full capacity and can hardly take any more patients in. If a patient dies, it is costumary in West Africa to kiss and hug the deceased and bury him inside the village. This tradition results in a high risk of spreading the virus by polluting the soil and groundwater. As a precaution the relatives get the dead bodies of their loved ones only welded shut in plastic bags back in order to prevent further infections. However, this measure contradicts with the burial rituals leading to more mistrust and discontent. (Image:  © Thomas Strecker)

4) The Gaza conflict has been going on for too long. And to me it seems like no one really knows anymore what it was all about. I'm trying to do my best to explain and help your memory a little.
But there are two sides to every story. 

Palestine:                                                              Israel:
Israelis illegal settlements (3:03):
America„helping“ by giving arms to Israel (3:14):

Full History of Israel offering peace and Arabs and Palestine not accepting it (11:36):

The 10 misconceptions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict(5:45):                                                                                                     

To sum this up (I hope I understood this right): 
Palestine and Israel fight over a piece of land (of about the size of El Savador) which was actually divided equally into two states (the Jewish State and the Palestine State) for them to live in. But Palestine did not accept this solution believing that the Israeli steal parts of their Palestine State away and attacked with the help of other Arab states. Israel on the other hand offered Palestine several times more land in exchange for peace, but negotiations failed. The Hamas, a Palestinian Terror Organisation, fights against Israel by firing rockets against Israeli civilians. Israel, now supported by the USA, fights back by causing collateral damage on the Palestinian side and builds illegal settlements in order to annex the Palestine territory.
The hate runs deep between the two countries and it is very questionable if a peaceful co-existing is possible between these two. On the one hand Palestine should accept the Jewish state and be happy with what they get. On the other hand Israel is not as innocent as American media likes to portray them. They have arms and supplies. They aren't refugees like the Palestines.

So after reading and listening, don't forget to form your own opinion. But please do me a final favor and watch the following video to remind you that there is not one bad guy. The lives of so many innocent people are on the line here:


At the end of the day, all the people really want is peace.

5) On a little lighter note: When I watched The Nanny the other day, I realised that even though it is supposed to be a kids show, there are a hell of a lot sexual innuendos. As I kid I never realised it, I put it off as a joke I simply did not get. But now... wow. okay. That my parents even let me watch this!
I mean it is not surprising that when you grow up, certain things finally make sense. But sometimes you like the bubble you lived in as a child and the internet just ruins you. On the other hand it makes you realise how much you took in as child, how innocent you thought of certain things... And how harshly reality was reflected and you understood at least the basic morals of the story and life lessons they tried to teach you. (For example the movie the Lion King. Every kid understood the intrigue behind the murder of Mufasa, but did anyone at the age of 5 to 8 actually realise how traumatic this experience was for Simba? Or let's take the kids show Hey, Arnold for example. You obviously did get that Helga's mother was always neglecting her child but did you get that she was an alcoholic?(More Totally Messed Up Cartoons)

And while I was ruining my childhood anyway, I started looking a little further into this topic and it opened up really freaky stories: 
Things I loved like mood rings can actually kill you, because one of its color changing ingredients is liquid crystal, a substance that contains toxic mercury and arsen... Great toy for little kids...
Other than that did you know that the ten year old Judith Barsi, the cartoon voice of the little "ducky" in the movie Land before Time was murdered by her own father? 
And to finish you and your childhood off, read up here on the original stories behind our favourite disney movies. You only get how people entertained themselves before there was the internet and TV, when you know what bad time stories were like back then.

6) To end this post, I'll recommend watching this video:

It will open your eyes.

So, what's new with you?

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