Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Granada Diary

I've finished my 4th semestre at University and next semestre I study at the university in Granada, Spain.
I'll be doing an ERASMUS semestre and I'm planning on a daily blogging session for the half a year I'm there. It's going to be exhausting, I mean six full month daily posting stuff. 

I'll definitely fail. But I'll try anyway.

I made a pact with a lovely girl who's doing the same thing about her Erasmus semestre in the UK. (check her out: Long live the Toast.)We'll write eachother every day as if we were writing letters. An ancient art form that has long been forgotten. (If there is a day with nothing to do, it might be just a one-line-post. But that's what I'm willing to do!) And we'll write in German. So Sorry to my international readers, if I bore you to death. I'll write in English as well, if the posts aren't too personal.

I'm really excited and a little scared, but my brain can't seem to process all of it yet. 
(So I don't worry too much about it. I think I'll come to fully realise it once I sit on a plane to Spain.).
But sometimes it hits me: 

I'm going to be in Spain. Fuck. Fuck Yeah, but still Fuck.

Right now I feel a little lost, I'm leaving so many nice people behind... again.
I did French theatre this semestre which made me realize how much I missed hearing and speaking the language. Also I made so many new friends. Fun, loving and a little crazy persons (just my kind of people!)
I also made a terrible discovery:
After 9 years of French in school, all I can remember from class is: "Et boum! C'est le choc!" 
My brain works in mysterious ways and aparently nothing important stuck.
I eliminated a lot of great stuff to fill it up with cat videos... 
Sad, but true.

So after realising that my French has dried up big time, I came to realise my Spanish isn't perfect either...

There will be definitely some embarrassing moments along the way.
And you'll be the happy reader of some pretty humiliating scenes...

But I already swore myself to work on it:

I'll renew my French! I'll improve my Spanish!

I'll dance, laugh and draw more!

And when I'm done making plans, I might actually get to do all the things I've just listed....

Anyway starting on the 10th of September when I'm flying to my destination.

See you soon, Granada!


  1. You will be greatly missed, Vanessa! And good luck with the six-month daily blogging session, I'm sure you're going to make it! :D Lots of fun in Granada and don't worry about your Spanish skills, you'll get better without even noticing. :*

    1. :) Thank you :) I hope you have a great time in Germi, too :)
      I surely hope so. But If you say so, it must be true :) Although your German was already pretty perfect... .__.

  2. Looking forward to it! :3 And "Fuck. Fuck Yeah, but still Fuck." sums up my feelings very well too. :D Off to new adventures!