Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Best Drinking Games (for a Wine Tasting)

Last night I was invited to join some friends to a really fancy wine tasting. At first I was really hesitating, because I'm absolutely not the wine person. I can't tell a Dornfelder from a Riesling. I can't taste the difference between an expensive vintage wine and a cheap bottle from the gas station. For me wine is something that gets you drunk. As long it does the trick, I'm good to go. So you can imagine my panic when I was suddenly confronted with a whole selection of wines. 
But then I thought: I'm living in the South of Germany (one of the main wine producing areas in Germany) way too long to not have experienced this at least once in my life.
So I joined in, sat down. At a table with some already experienced wine connoisseurs. Two wine glasses in front of me. They knew instantly that I had no clue what I was doing. The first thing they taught me was that the one glass has to face down, so the waitor knows which glass to fill.

"So, this is... well... a wine, right?"
"The aroma is so very... you know... fruity...?
I mean wine is made from grapes...
So that's what it should taste like, right?"
Just shut up and drink, maybe nobody heard you.
They're still looking at you.
Just drink some more.
"I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting closer to taking my clothes off."

The conclusion is always the same:

Wine after wine followed. Red wine, Rosé, White wine. I could already tell that only after a few glasses I was getting tipsy.

But so was everyone else. 

That's when my drunk brain decided it was time to start drinking games. A few of the rather stuck up people were appalled by the idea, but actually these games made this experience so much better! And after a while everyone was having fun! Even the ones with the stick up the ass.

So now, here come a few of the Best Drinking Games where you can really get to know people I could come up with:

  1.  Never Have I Ever.

    What you need: Your Brain and an always full drink.
    I know what you might be thinking: What a boring standard game. But it is one of the classic games for a reason! For the ones who don't know how it's played: A player says something he has never done before and all the other player reply to this by taking a sip from their drink if they have already done it. A player can also choose to say something he has already done just to see if the others have already done it, but then he has to drink as well. 

  2.  5 Things.

    What you need: Your Brain.
    You select a player to name you 5 or any random number of things that interest you. For example: Tell me 5 Things that you are afraid of. Or Name 7 Things you would kill for. Tell me 6 Pick up lines.The options are endless. And whatever the category, if the player can't come up with an answer fast enough he has to drink (a shot?). The one that successfully completed the task continues with asking another player. (For players who are new to this game, I recommend to start with only 5 things, so that it doesn't seem impossible and give them a little time to think. It will get easier with time and you want to know the answers, so waiting is probably worth it.)

  3. Fuck, Marry, Kill.

    What you need: Your Brain.
    Give another player an option of three [persons, celebrities, things, animals] whatever. And let them decide which one of the three they would fuck, marry and kill. The player cannot choose to marry, fuck or kill two or all of these things. Everything must only named once. So between Beyoncé, the Devil and a chair, I'd choose to marry the Devil, fuck Beyoncé and kill the Chair. You get the idea. Get creative. The weirder the options, the funnier the outcome.

  4. Scale 1-10.

    What you need: A sheet of paper, pens and again your Brain.
    You rip the sheet of paper into many little pieces and all players write down all kinds of adjectives or characteristics on each one of these little pieces. Then you fold them and put them in a cup. A player begins by drawing from the cup and saying the adjective out loud. Then he/she proceeds by thinking of a number between 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) how well this characteristic or adjective describes him/her, but doesn't say the number out loud. The other players will guess what the other player has rated him-/herself. [Another way to play this game is that everyone says what they think the person is like...].

  5. Most likely to.

    What you need: A sheet of paper, pens, your Brain.
    It  follows basically the same rules as "Scale 1-10", but now you don't write adjectives on the pieces of paper, but questions who's most like to do something. For example Most likely to rob a bank? Most likely to have the most kids? Most likely to fart in an elevator and blame it on the dog? Just like in "Scale 1-10" a player draws from the cup, but this time the question is placed openly and the players try to evaluate who's most likely to do all these things. Let the discussion begin!

  6. Draw the Phrase.

    What you need:  a few sheets of paper, pens, your hidden artistic talent
    Someone writes on top of the paper a really weird (story telling) sentence and the next person has to draw what the sentence says. Then the sentence gets folded over and the next person has to draw what they think happens in the picture (but only in one sentence again). And so on, until the final product reaches the one that started it. The result is always hilarious!

  7. Best shitting story.

    What you need: Your embarrassing and probably partially repressed memories, more wine to forget the shame and best played with people who can laugh about themselves.
    Someone says a certain shame-category, for example "worst case of bowel accidents" or "most horrible attempt to flirt" and the all of the players have to tell the story, BUT here's the catch: They can only tell this horrible memory in 3 short phrases or three words and there will be no follow-up questions. This game will make you grow so much closer. Believe me. [Total ice breaker: The Diarrhea Story: Everyone has been there. Wow this could be my new slogan...]

     Have a lovely drinking night and remember:

     drink because you're happy, not because you're sad!

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Die, die im Regen tanzt

Es gibt kein Gefühl, das belebender und reinigender ist, als im Regen zu tanzen.


Ich weiß nicht, ob jede Nation das Phänomen des Sommerregens kennt. Ich weiß natürlich, dass viele Völker ihr Leben um die Gezeiten und Wetterlagen herumbauen. So zum Beispiel bringt der Monsumregen in Indien genug Wasser für die Reisfelder.

Aber deutscher Sommerregen - das ist ein Erlebnis. 
Er hat keinen richtigen Nutzen. Es ist einfach nur schön.

In Deutschland bringt die drückende Sommerhitze oft schwüle und stickige Luft. Daher ist der Sommerregen warm und oft nur von kurzer Dauer und danach erscheint wieder die Sonne und trocknet einen.

Er ist der Schauplatz für eine Wasserschlacht zwischen Kindern.
Er ist die Szenerie eines Hollywoodkusses.

Manche Menschen fühlen jeden Tropfen, andere werden nur nass.

Tanzt mit mir und genießt den Regen!

Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Welcoming Spring!

For me, Spring has come when the Cherryblossoms are in bloom.

And they are NOW!

The sight makes me just so happy! 
Every year I wish to call up all my friends just to make them look at them for hours!
But instead I thought, I share them on my blog.


Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Films that made me want to travel

It's no big secret that I'm watching more TV and films than I'm doing anything else, so I thought I share with you some of my favourite movies that inspired me to travel more or further and caused my Fernweh to grow by every minute watching it:

The Bucket List (2007)

Do you really have to ask why I picked The Bucket List? Go watch it, write your own bucket list and try to fulfill as much as you can before you kick the bucket!

The Physician (2013) 

The Physician is a movie adaptation from the novel by the same name written by Noah Gordon. I read the book first and I loved it! (I can only recommend everyone to read it!) So I had to see the movie! I wasn't so surprised that the movie took a slightly different turn from the book, but I enjoyed the movie as well, so that it made it into my travel movie list.
It is about the life of a Christian English boy in the 11th century who journeys across Europe in order to study medicine among the Persians. First of, the main character is amazingly hot, which makes it  already worth watching, second the movie isn't directly about travelling, but Rob Cole takes a long journey (from England to Persia) encountering all kinds of cultures and learns the best travel lesson of all: There is so much more to learn in this world, go out and seek what you want to know!


Blue Lagoon (1980)

I had to pick this movie, simply because it is that one movie where you have that far-away-dream-island with white sand, crystal clear water and all the tropical experiences in one. (+ that steamy love scene of two young teenagers discovering love )

Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)

Might be the most obvious one, but it actually had a great impact on me. Discovering the world and doing it all in one round - the typical traveller's dream. I loved the movie, because it showed all the diversity the world had to offer and enough energy to only stop when you reached your goal. The movie also taught me that there will be obstacles on your journey and that travel changes your life forever.

Catch me if you can (2002)

This movie is not particularily about travelling per se, more about escape and airline fraud. But what better escape is there than to travel?

Big Fish (2003)

Big Fish is about going out into the world and seeking your luck. It teaches the valuable lesson that you'll meet all kinds of people and you'll be faced with all kinds of obstacles in life. It's best spiced with a tiny pinch of magic because the stories are told as they are felt. For me this is exactly what travelling is about: making your life extraordinary and having great stories to tell when you're older. Also where else could you meet so many interesting people from all around the world than on your travels?

The Child and the Fox (2007)

A little girl befriends a fox and they take little trips through the woods together. After a while she sees the world through the eyes of a fox. I've watched this movie just recently and it is truly beautiful. I mean this movie is worth watching just for the amazing visuals, but it also triggers my inner desire to explore and discover a hidden paradise that only you know of.

Up (2009)

Okay, this movie is just adorable! This kids movie is a must-watch - even for adults! It has it all, love, friendship, dreams and hopes, tragedy, action, beautiful visuals! Just the first 8 Minutes tell the most beautiful love story there is.

Paris, je t'aime (2006)
and New York, I love you (2008)

These lovely two films are part of a series to highlight the most beautiful cities of the world. They both contain little episodic short films, show each city in all its facetts and are just fun to watch because a lot of famous actors playing in it.

Three more films of the series are soon to be released. They include Rio, Eu Te Amo, Shanghai, 我爱你 and Jerusalem, I Love You. All 3 films will follow the same style as the other two. No matter the country, the respective city stays the main topic of the movies.
In my opinion they should add some cities to the List:
Tokyo, daisuki desu!
London, I love you!
Granada, te quiero!

Some Honourable Mentions:

Life in a Day (2011)

Life in a Day is a Youtube documentary made out of many tiny films about life all around the world in all its facets highlighting cultural differences and the way we still can connect because of our feelings. What people love, fear and hope. And how beautiful life can be. A film simply dedicated to life itself. Availlable for free on Youtube. (Trailer + Full Movie).


FunForLouis ist the Youtube channel of Internet celebrity and daily vlogger Louis Cole who puts his travel adventures online for the world to see. "Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure!" are the words he truly lives by and gives all kinds of travel details, tips and tricks in his vlogs inspiring thereby millions of people from all around the globe.


JacksGap is the Youtube channel of the twin brothers Jack and Finn Harries. They made it into my list, because of their video playlist called The Rickshaw Run.They have a lot more travel videos on their channel, but I wanted to hightlight this particular video series, because it does not only show all the beauty India has to offer, but also made me tremble with excitement! I was following the series so eagerly that I was even dreaming about driving a Tuk-tuk myself while waiting for a new video to come out. Furthermore they raised a lot of money for a great cause with their videos. So go over to their channel and give them some love.


Earth (2007)

This is a very beautiful documentary about our earth. I saw it a lot of times in school, but I never got tired of it. It's educational and entertaining!

Enjoy your movie night!

Samstag, 4. April 2015

The Primark Hipocrisy

A new Primark store has opened in my hometown. And since then, nothing has been more discussed lately than the clothing store:

There are people loving it and going out buying millions of articles every day. The big brown paper bags dominate the shopping high streets and Youtube is full of "haul videos" where people show off what they bought and at what price. Before, women with little budget could only afford a few items a year, but now with Primark, their dream of a diverse and fully equipped wardrobe has finally become a reality.

On the other side are people complaining about the low quality of clothes and the plastic smell. They hate the fact that little children in China, Bangladesh and/or Africa work in factories to produce all the clothing for a pittance. 

Honestly, there's nothing new about poor people in developing countries getting exploited and working under horrible conditions to make our products in our wealthy countries cheaper. If this has not fazed you up until now, then you shouldn't hate on Primark.

And only because you paid more for a product and bought it at a different store, doesn't make it fair either. Even that 50 Euro shirt you bought from Nike was probably manufactured in Bangladesh by poor little children's hands as well, but the big labels like to charge you more for products of equal value just because their brand name is on it. (And you're even parading  it around as status symbol, just like a free advertisement banner for them.) None of that money, you spend, will ever reach the right places, the poor people you maybe hoped to support. If you think otherwise, you are really naive...

As you can see, Primark is just like any other clothing store you know. Except that it's probably cheaper.

If you'd really want to change the world for the better, you'd always have to buy your clothes in fair trade shops or in second-hand shops. But we both know that the majority of people won't do that.

Nevertheless, I'll share a link for Fair Trade International. I hope you take a look and at least give it a chance. There are so many fair trade articles, not only clothing. Maybe if you don't find clothes-wise what you are looking for, you can still support other projects.

Furthermore and in spite of all its negative points, Primark also brings some advantages: It brings new jobs which is great for the economy. It also has a great and diverse clothing collection. The quality might not be super "high society" but what do you expect when you pay 8 euros for a pair of jeans? But still, Primark has without doubt the best value for money.

But you are right, you can't buy everything at Primark, that's why I made another list for you.

Here are the things I can truthfully recommend you to buy at Primark:

Basic stuff: 
You know the type of clothing you only need to complement another piece of clothing? For example that white boring top you just bought so you could wear your cute little rosé coloured blouse with it. All kinds of clothes like these, which are not really seen or are just plain in one colour, you can buy without worries at Primark.

Socks & (Nylon) Tights:
They have really fluffy ones that keep you warm no matter what! The Nylon ones rip anyway really fast, so why pay too much?

Pyjama pants: They have the most comfy and adorably cutest pyjama pants at Primark, go check them out! I fell in love with them and you sleep heavenly in them. Or just chillax on the couch with some pizza...Oh yeah...Pizza...What was I talking about again?

Fan articles:
You know that shirt with that Disney print that normally would cost you a fortune? Go to Primark, it's probably cheaper there. I especially like the Marvel/DC Prints.

Bobby pins:
You'll lose anyway half of them, so buying them at Primark makes sense. As well as for redheads who have a hard time finding the right type of bobby pin to really hide them in their hair: they have bobby pins matching all kinds of hair colours.

Things you always wanted to try, but never dared to:
You wonder if that black and red mini skirt with lepard pattern fits into your wardrobe or if you'll ever be able to rock that very eccentric but amazing looking dress in public? Buy it at Primark. It won't be so sad in case your fashion experiment was a failure, if it didn't cost you the world.

So after reading all of this, it might make you realize that there is not only black or white. And it's up to you to make a change.

Of course, none of these reasons justifies child labour, nor do I want to convince you to shop at Primark. I just wanted to bring my point across.

So now it's up to you to decide: 


Do you really want to waste your time hating on Primark
Do you focus on what's important improving the world (and your wardrobe) ?

Samstag, 14. März 2015

Top 13 Anime Movies (that no one can truely dislike)

I actually do believe that Animes are underrated pieces of art. People think because they are watching something animated or cartoonlike, it has to be childish or just made for children. They even make fun of it or the fans who do watch it and then they go and watch Frozen or the Lego Movie fifteen times... Seems like the typical double standard to me...

I on the other hand do enjoy Anime quite a lot: Anime gives just a wide range of possibilities to present a story far more beautifully and creatively than just a regular movie. It is far easier to cross the line between reality and imagination in an animated movie. And yet, because of its simplicity, it can represent the every (wo)man much easier than a live actor could. The people often fear the exaggerated emotions and actions (for example in gory scenes), but in my opinion exaggeration is the best way to critisize and draw the focus on the important things. Furthermore, sometimes exaggeration in a movie gives you the emotional relief you actually really need. Deep down, you know you could never do that in real life, but seeing it on screen is surprisingly satisfying.

So, to maybe change your opinion on Anime, I present to you my List of Anime Movies that I believe to be so great that no one can really dislike them. Either because of their brilliant story and/or beautifully breathtaking animation. My list, even though there are numbers on it, does not follow any particular rating. Each film is very special and unique in its own way.

I left out the Ghibli movies from this list, because they are already pretty recognized throughout the entire world.

Now on to the List:

1) Wolf Children, 2012:

(Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Plot: College student Hana falls in love with another student who turns out to be a werewolf. He dies in an accident after having their second child together. Hana moves to the rural countryside where her husband grew up to raise her two werewolf children Ame and Yuki.

My opinion: This movie is probably the best family film I have on this list. It comes very close to any Ghibli movie in terms of beautiful nature imagery and amazes with its touching but rather simple storyline. I laughed, I cried. I was amazed by so much beauty.

2) Millennium Actress, 2001:

(Sennen joyû)

Plot: A TV interviewer and his cameraman meet a former actress and travel through her memories which get mixed up with the all the films that she made in her career as an actress.

My opinion: This movie is many movies in one. With its diversity and engaging story, it makes you feel nostalgic and sentimental at the same time. It might not be your memories displayed, but it still feels like remembering a long lost feeling.

3) Tokyo Godfathers, 2003:

Plot: Around Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo find a newborn baby among the trash and set out to bring it back to its parents.

My opinion: I recommend this movie to everyone who thinks Anime is just for children. It adresses a lot of serious and heartbreaking issues enrolled in a touching story with tragically comedic characters. I laughed and cried several times. And again and again. I just loved it.

4) 5 centimeters per second,  2007:
Byôsoku 5 senchimêtoru)

Plot: Told in three interconnected segments, we follow a young man named Takaki through his life as cruel winters, cold technology, and finally, adult obligations and responsibility seem to interfere with his love for Akari.

My opinion: This movie is just beautiful. There is no cheesy love story, but a realistic romance that is faced with difficulties like long distances and fear of rejection. The sceneries are simply stunning and the story heartfelt.

5) Paprika, 2006:

Plot: When a machine that allows therapists to enter their patients' dreams is stolen, all hell breaks loose because dreams take over reality. The only person who can stop this is a young female therapist named Paprika.

My opinion: Just like dreams, this movie is at times absolutely weird and crazy, you never know what to expect or what will happen next but that's exactly what makes the race to get back the dream device so nervewrecking and exciting to watch. The suspense was amazing, I was fixed on my seat until the very last second. This movie is just extraordinary.

6) Colorful, 2010:

Plot: A sinful spirit is granted the opportunity to prove worthy for rebirth. To do so, the spririt is inhabiting for a limited period of time the body of a student who commited suicide in order to find out what his own sin was.

My opinion: Another very insightful anime with a deep message about life. It might have a slightly slower pace, but it is beautifully executed and amazed me how tiny things can change someone's life.

7) The Girl who leapt through time, 2006:
Toki o kakeru shôjo)

Plot: A teenage girl named Makoto finds that she has the ability to leap through time. At first she uses her newfound power only to her advantage, but has to soon realise that playing with time has severe consequences.

My Opinion: It sounds like the typical story of time travel and its consequences, but it is so much more. It's about love and friendship, missed chances and how to make up for them, the way some decisions turn out right for you and for others wrong. The story is wonderful because of the very lovable characters with a very basic, yet undeniably funny humor.

8) Ghost in the shell, 1995
Kôkaku Kidôtai)

Plot:  In the year 2029, a technologically advanced future, a highly-wanted hacker known as ‘The Puppetmaster’can manipulate people by brain-hacking them. When the Puppetmaster begins using that technique to get involved in politics, Section 9, a group of cybernetically enhanced cops, are called in to investigate and stop the criminal. The pursuit will call into question what makes a human and what is the Puppetmaster in a world where the distinction between human and machine is increasingly blurry. 
My opinion: I recommend this movie to all people who enjoy Science Fiction and don't mind a bit of blood splashing around. The movie also brings up very deep questions and makes you wonder what will come in our future. It's a psychological sci-fi thriller with a lot of action and surely can't disappoint fans of this genre.

9) Brave Story, 2006:

Plot: A boy named Wataru is faced with family tragedies. To prevent his family from falling apart, he finds a way through a magic gateway to another realm. There, he embarks on an adventurous journey to proof his bravery. If he's successful he'll be granted one wish to change his destiny.

My opinion: Another family friendly movie with a colourful design and touching story. This movie goes a little more in the cutesy direction, but it still doesn't fail to entertain and impress with its beautiful animations. Important Life Lessons included!

10) Akira, 1988:

Plot: In the year 2019, a secret military project experiments with powers of the mind. When one of the children with these special abilities breaks free from custody, a motorcycle gang accidentally gets involved in the project. The incident triggers psychic powers within one of the members, Tetsuo. He is taken by the army and experimented on. The secret military project endangers whole Neo-Tokyo when Tetsuo gets out of control. 
My opinion: This movie is an action classic like no one I've seen before. The animations are incredible, but the story is quite bloody and violent. A little tip: Do not eat while watching this movie... You'll thank me later.

11) Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade, 1999:

Plot: A traumatized member of an elite para-military police force falls in love with the sister of a female terrorist courier who died in front of him on duty.

My opinion: The whole plot is built around a very unconventional story of red riding hood and it adds to the very dark and brutal atmosphere of the movie. Jin-Roh is an extraordinary tale of betrayal and it was shocking as it was great to watch.

12) Memories, 1995:

Plot: Memories is told in three seperate sci-fi stories. In the first, "Magnetic Rose," four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created by one woman's memories. In "Stink Bomb," a young lab assistant accidentally transforms himself into a human biological weapon set on a direct course for Tokyo. The final episode, "Cannon Fodder," depicts a day in the life of a city whose entire purpose is the firing of cannons at an unseen enemy.

My opinion: I have to admit that the first story is my favourite, but nonetheless the other two are worth watching as well. Each one of them is very politically or socially critical and beautifully animated. 

13) Garden of Words, 2013:
otonoha no Niwa)

Plot: Takao's dream is to become a shoemaker. Every time it rains he meets with a mysterious woman in the park.

My opinion: Since I am an absolute fan of rain, this movie is already a winner, but this film offers so much more. It is relatable for all ages seeking still a direction in life. The soundtrack is relaxing and the sceneries are just incredible. The plot might not seem like much but is has actually a lot of everyday problems going on.

Let me know if you you liked them or if you would add a movie to this list.
I'm open to suggestions and I hope you enjoy each and everyone of them like I did.

Sonntag, 8. März 2015

(B)Rainbow: Love

I did this piece of art for my friend Nici for her new apartment. I hope she enjoys it.

I was worried that it wouldn't fit to the rest of her decoration, 
but I feel like...

...Love never goes out of Style.

Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Almuñecar y Bomberos

Liebe Musketiere,

Heute waren wir in der hübschen kleinen Küstenstadt Almuñecar an der Costa Tropical der Provinz Granada.

The little Mermaid


Es war herrliches Wetter, auch wenn es auch recht windig war und die See aufgepeischt wurde. Aber die Seeluft war so rein und die See hat etwas so mächtiges, dass es einen schon sehr fasziniert. Die Aussicht war auch einfach herrlich: Das Wasser glitzerte und die Möwen glitten majestätisch durch die Lüfte. Zu Mittag haben wir Pizza gegessen und uns danach das Castillo der Stadt angesehen.


Die Zeit verging recht schnell und wir nahmen am Abend den Bus nach Granada zurück.

Mario, angehender Feuerwehrmann, sah eine Feuerwache in der Nähe des Busbahnhofs und war sofort Feuer und Flamme (ba dum tss.), diese zu besichtigen. Also besuchten wir die Feuerwache und lernten einen sehr netten spanischen Feuerwehrmann kennen, der uns, als wäre es selbstverständlich, in der Wache herumführte und uns alles zeigte und erklärte. Ich spielte derweil Dolmetscher für Kim und Mario.

Wir sahen die Halle mit den Feuerwehrautos und alle Gemeinschaftsräume. Wir durften sogar die Feuerwehrstange herunterrutschen (vor der ich zunächst ein wenig Muffensausen hatte, weil es ganz schön tief hinab ging... Aber nix geht über Ängste überwinden, stimmts?). Der Feuerwehrmann zeigte uns einen sexy Kalender der dort stationierten Feuerwehrleute. Ich kann nur sagen: Diese Feuerwehrmänner brauchen kein Feuer mehr - alle samt heiß genug und durchtrainiert!

Kim und ich hatten also schön was zu gucken und Mario hat sich seinen Wunsch erfüllt, eine weitere Feuerwache für sich zu erobern. Für ihn wohl das Highlight des ganzes Urlaubs. Ich für meinen Teil war nach der Dolmetschaktion ziemlich k.O. So viel Kopfarbeit verlangt dann auch nach viel Schlaf und deswegen war ich ganz froh, endlich wieder zuhause zu sein.

Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Strolling Through Granada

Liebe Musketiere,

Von der wundeschönen Sierra Nevada vom Vortag hatten wir alle megamäßig Sonnenbrand... Tomaten wirkten blass bei unserer Schönheit. Allerdings kam mit der Röte auch das altbekannte Brennen. Die Haut spannte, das Gesicht fühlte sich permanent heiß an - Ihr könnt's euch vorstellen.

Und mit einer solch schwerwiegenden Verletzung kann man sich natürlich erstmal nicht in der Öffentlichkeit zeigen. Also schliefen wir lange aus, dann chillten wir uns auf die Couch. Wir schauten Attack on Titan und Detektiv Conan. Irgendwann haben wir uns aufgerafft Mittagessen zuzubereiten: Nudeln. Jap. Ich sorge gut für meine Freunde (haha).

Irgendwann später wagten wir uns doch auch noch mal nach draußen und liefen im Sonnenschein in der Stadt herum. Allerdings brannte das Gesicht recht schnell, also schnell ein Eis auf die Hand und auf eine Bank am Plaza Trinidad gesetzt.

Danach gingen wir ein wenig shoppen durch alle möglichen Nerd-Läden und am Abend gabs noch Tapas im Asturiano. 

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Sliding down the Sierra Nevada

Liebe Musketiere,

Wir waren heute in der Sierra Nevada. Aber diesmal lag überall genug Schnee, um zu rodeln und nicht allzu viel, um total darin zu versinken. Es war herrlich. Ich hatte so viel Spaß wie seit langem nicht mehr!

 Rodeln bringt eine Art kindliche Freude, die mit kaum etwas zu vergleichen ist. Also meine Lieben, rodelt fleißig und keine Angst, egal wie steil die Piste: jeder blaue Fleck geht auch wieder weg ;) Aber passt auf die Abhänge auf... Bremsen ist manchmal essentiell.