Samstag, 4. April 2015

The Primark Hipocrisy

A new Primark store has opened in my hometown. And since then, nothing has been more discussed lately than the clothing store:

There are people loving it and going out buying millions of articles every day. The big brown paper bags dominate the shopping high streets and Youtube is full of "haul videos" where people show off what they bought and at what price. Before, women with little budget could only afford a few items a year, but now with Primark, their dream of a diverse and fully equipped wardrobe has finally become a reality.

On the other side are people complaining about the low quality of clothes and the plastic smell. They hate the fact that little children in China, Bangladesh and/or Africa work in factories to produce all the clothing for a pittance. 

Honestly, there's nothing new about poor people in developing countries getting exploited and working under horrible conditions to make our products in our wealthy countries cheaper. If this has not fazed you up until now, then you shouldn't hate on Primark.

And only because you paid more for a product and bought it at a different store, doesn't make it fair either. Even that 50 Euro shirt you bought from Nike was probably manufactured in Bangladesh by poor little children's hands as well, but the big labels like to charge you more for products of equal value just because their brand name is on it. (And you're even parading  it around as status symbol, just like a free advertisement banner for them.) None of that money, you spend, will ever reach the right places, the poor people you maybe hoped to support. If you think otherwise, you are really naive...

As you can see, Primark is just like any other clothing store you know. Except that it's probably cheaper.

If you'd really want to change the world for the better, you'd always have to buy your clothes in fair trade shops or in second-hand shops. But we both know that the majority of people won't do that.

Nevertheless, I'll share a link for Fair Trade International. I hope you take a look and at least give it a chance. There are so many fair trade articles, not only clothing. Maybe if you don't find clothes-wise what you are looking for, you can still support other projects.

Furthermore and in spite of all its negative points, Primark also brings some advantages: It brings new jobs which is great for the economy. It also has a great and diverse clothing collection. The quality might not be super "high society" but what do you expect when you pay 8 euros for a pair of jeans? But still, Primark has without doubt the best value for money.

But you are right, you can't buy everything at Primark, that's why I made another list for you.

Here are the things I can truthfully recommend you to buy at Primark:

Basic stuff: 
You know the type of clothing you only need to complement another piece of clothing? For example that white boring top you just bought so you could wear your cute little rosé coloured blouse with it. All kinds of clothes like these, which are not really seen or are just plain in one colour, you can buy without worries at Primark.

Socks & (Nylon) Tights:
They have really fluffy ones that keep you warm no matter what! The Nylon ones rip anyway really fast, so why pay too much?

Pyjama pants: They have the most comfy and adorably cutest pyjama pants at Primark, go check them out! I fell in love with them and you sleep heavenly in them. Or just chillax on the couch with some pizza...Oh yeah...Pizza...What was I talking about again?

Fan articles:
You know that shirt with that Disney print that normally would cost you a fortune? Go to Primark, it's probably cheaper there. I especially like the Marvel/DC Prints.

Bobby pins:
You'll lose anyway half of them, so buying them at Primark makes sense. As well as for redheads who have a hard time finding the right type of bobby pin to really hide them in their hair: they have bobby pins matching all kinds of hair colours.

Things you always wanted to try, but never dared to:
You wonder if that black and red mini skirt with lepard pattern fits into your wardrobe or if you'll ever be able to rock that very eccentric but amazing looking dress in public? Buy it at Primark. It won't be so sad in case your fashion experiment was a failure, if it didn't cost you the world.

So after reading all of this, it might make you realize that there is not only black or white. And it's up to you to make a change.

Of course, none of these reasons justifies child labour, nor do I want to convince you to shop at Primark. I just wanted to bring my point across.

So now it's up to you to decide: 


Do you really want to waste your time hating on Primark
Do you focus on what's important improving the world (and your wardrobe) ?


  1. I absolutely agree! A lot of people don't seem to realize that most of the popular brands also rely on child labour... The only danger I see is that Primark might cause people to turn into shopping addicts who otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford/might have been more hesitant to buy the slightly more expensive items of clothing from other stores. If everything seems like a deal, you tend to buy more, including things you don't neccessarily need. That being said, they do have excellent prices for basics and stuff like that. :)

    1. You are absolutely right. I have to admit that I myself was pretty much hooked by all the low prices. I believe the most dangerous part is the first time shopping rush. If you've never bought at Primark before, it's the ultimate temptation to see all those low prices (which sadly add up at the end leaving you with empty pockets just as much as other stores...). But in my experience you have to live out this first time rush to get it out of your system.
      If after that the addiction still leaves you blinded about what you actually need and what you just bought because it was a great deal, you should really see a doctor about this very problem...
      Addiction is a serious matter and people get addicted to many things, that's why my advice would be: everything in moderation. (except for drugs...they're always bad.)
      Thanks for reading :)