Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Best Drinking Games (for a Wine Tasting)

Last night I was invited to join some friends to a really fancy wine tasting. At first I was really hesitating, because I'm absolutely not the wine person. I can't tell a Dornfelder from a Riesling. I can't taste the difference between an expensive vintage wine and a cheap bottle from the gas station. For me wine is something that gets you drunk. As long it does the trick, I'm good to go. So you can imagine my panic when I was suddenly confronted with a whole selection of wines. 
But then I thought: I'm living in the South of Germany (one of the main wine producing areas in Germany) way too long to not have experienced this at least once in my life.
So I joined in, sat down. At a table with some already experienced wine connoisseurs. Two wine glasses in front of me. They knew instantly that I had no clue what I was doing. The first thing they taught me was that the one glass has to face down, so the waitor knows which glass to fill.

"So, this is... well... a wine, right?"
"The aroma is so very... you know... fruity...?
I mean wine is made from grapes...
So that's what it should taste like, right?"
Just shut up and drink, maybe nobody heard you.
They're still looking at you.
Just drink some more.
"I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting closer to taking my clothes off."

The conclusion is always the same:

Wine after wine followed. Red wine, Rosé, White wine. I could already tell that only after a few glasses I was getting tipsy.

But so was everyone else. 

That's when my drunk brain decided it was time to start drinking games. A few of the rather stuck up people were appalled by the idea, but actually these games made this experience so much better! And after a while everyone was having fun! Even the ones with the stick up the ass.

So now, here come a few of the Best Drinking Games where you can really get to know people I could come up with:

  1.  Never Have I Ever.

    What you need: Your Brain and an always full drink.
    I know what you might be thinking: What a boring standard game. But it is one of the classic games for a reason! For the ones who don't know how it's played: A player says something he has never done before and all the other player reply to this by taking a sip from their drink if they have already done it. A player can also choose to say something he has already done just to see if the others have already done it, but then he has to drink as well. 

  2.  5 Things.

    What you need: Your Brain.
    You select a player to name you 5 or any random number of things that interest you. For example: Tell me 5 Things that you are afraid of. Or Name 7 Things you would kill for. Tell me 6 Pick up lines.The options are endless. And whatever the category, if the player can't come up with an answer fast enough he has to drink (a shot?). The one that successfully completed the task continues with asking another player. (For players who are new to this game, I recommend to start with only 5 things, so that it doesn't seem impossible and give them a little time to think. It will get easier with time and you want to know the answers, so waiting is probably worth it.)

  3. Fuck, Marry, Kill.

    What you need: Your Brain.
    Give another player an option of three [persons, celebrities, things, animals] whatever. And let them decide which one of the three they would fuck, marry and kill. The player cannot choose to marry, fuck or kill two or all of these things. Everything must only named once. So between Beyoncé, the Devil and a chair, I'd choose to marry the Devil, fuck Beyoncé and kill the Chair. You get the idea. Get creative. The weirder the options, the funnier the outcome.

  4. Scale 1-10.

    What you need: A sheet of paper, pens and again your Brain.
    You rip the sheet of paper into many little pieces and all players write down all kinds of adjectives or characteristics on each one of these little pieces. Then you fold them and put them in a cup. A player begins by drawing from the cup and saying the adjective out loud. Then he/she proceeds by thinking of a number between 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) how well this characteristic or adjective describes him/her, but doesn't say the number out loud. The other players will guess what the other player has rated him-/herself. [Another way to play this game is that everyone says what they think the person is like...].

  5. Most likely to.

    What you need: A sheet of paper, pens, your Brain.
    It  follows basically the same rules as "Scale 1-10", but now you don't write adjectives on the pieces of paper, but questions who's most like to do something. For example Most likely to rob a bank? Most likely to have the most kids? Most likely to fart in an elevator and blame it on the dog? Just like in "Scale 1-10" a player draws from the cup, but this time the question is placed openly and the players try to evaluate who's most likely to do all these things. Let the discussion begin!

  6. Draw the Phrase.

    What you need:  a few sheets of paper, pens, your hidden artistic talent
    Someone writes on top of the paper a really weird (story telling) sentence and the next person has to draw what the sentence says. Then the sentence gets folded over and the next person has to draw what they think happens in the picture (but only in one sentence again). And so on, until the final product reaches the one that started it. The result is always hilarious!

  7. Best shitting story.

    What you need: Your embarrassing and probably partially repressed memories, more wine to forget the shame and best played with people who can laugh about themselves.
    Someone says a certain shame-category, for example "worst case of bowel accidents" or "most horrible attempt to flirt" and the all of the players have to tell the story, BUT here's the catch: They can only tell this horrible memory in 3 short phrases or three words and there will be no follow-up questions. This game will make you grow so much closer. Believe me. [Total ice breaker: The Diarrhea Story: Everyone has been there. Wow this could be my new slogan...]

     Have a lovely drinking night and remember:

     drink because you're happy, not because you're sad!