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(B)Rainbow: My Top 5 Art Goals

Whenever I tell people that I like to doodle, they immediately jump to the conclusion that I must be amazing at drawing or Art in general. They ask me if I could draw them or a dragon, Or them riding on a dragon... The list is endless.
Whatever the request it's almost always out of my usual drawing skill range...
But they ask me anyway (even if they've seen my artsy stuff) and expect me to just magically pull out a pen out of my bra and start their requested art piece.

Mostly at that point when their hopes are up and my confidence low... The situation ends mostly in one of two ways:
Either I try my best to draw them in my own style and they give me the "You don't really draw realistically"-speech followed by the "That manga style of yours is kinda childish, isn't it?"-speech or I have to break it to them that I can't fulfill their wishes...(yet). Followed by awkward silence. Then a slow, but disappointed okay... And we probably never talk about my art again.

So in order to clear up where I draw my inspiration from and what influences me in my art style, maybe I can give a little insight of what my goals are, so that someday I can fulfill some of their art requests or make them understand why my art is the way it is:

1. Hayao Miyazaki / Ghibli Studios:

Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Studios make paradise come to life.I watched every single one of their movies and am always taking by surprise about the beautiful setting they give their film characters. Their landscapes are picturesque and breathtaking. I've rarely seen such love to detail like in these films/works of art. The establishing shots make the Ghibli Movies already worth watching. And so I chose them as my inspiration for backgrounds and scenery. So far I've mostly drawn Characters because it was much more fun to design them, but I always try to recreate some of Ghibli's work to practice how to get better at drawing landscapes, buildings, etc. Maybe I even learn some of their tricks by practicing more and someday I'll be painting idyllic and sceneries myself.

2. Oda Eiichirou :

Many people would probably criticize the style of Oda, because of the typical unrealistic body proportions of his characters like big eyes or extremely long legs. But in my opinion do the people fixate too much on these little flaws. I mean just take a second and look at the images. The composition of the art works is on point.What I especially like about Oda's works is the perspective. It doesn't matter if it's frog's or bird's perspective, far away or close up. Oda manages not only to work in all sorts of little details, but also highlights perfectly each character's personality.

3. Zhang "Benjamin" Bin:

This artist is a personal favourite of mine for a long time now. He uses colours in such an expressive way. Just by looking at his colour choice he already sets the mood, but the way contrast and colours work perfectly together... There is no other way, then to put it bluntly: Benjamin is a genius whom I can learn a lot from.

4. Kaori Yuki :

This Mangaka has kind of a gothic style which I find unexplicably refreshing. The dark mood, the dramatic scenes, the meaningful looks, forbidden desires of star-crossed lovers or characters with dark secrets or souls, a little bit of leather and chains... all within a single image. It's deeply exciting and yet melancholic. The perfect combination! Since my sketchbook is sometimes more like a diary to me than anything else I've ever written down, I guess it has to do with my own twisted mind that the art style of Kaori Yuki is so appealing to me... I do truely believe that one can only achieve true greatness in his ark works if the deepest thoughts and feelings are put into it. Maybe not directly revealing themselves, but still hidden messages in the images.


First of CLAMP is a group of artists that's why sometimes their art style is changing quite a bit. But I always fall in love with it again. I especially like their concepts, the well-placed details, the dresses and clothing designs, etc. CLAMP's artwork is probably the most stunning because they have this diversity. They can change up style and story and still have a consistency in their work. Something that I can only hope to achieve, It isn't easy as an artist to always be innovative and unique and still stay true to one's style.

There are probably even more great artists out there from whom I could learn a whole lot. But as for now. These are my Art Goals. Maybe someday I'll be actually as good or nearly as good as them. Maybe even better. Who knows? Wish me Luck!

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