Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Free more than just the Nipple

I'm definitely not the most serious or strict of feminists. In my everyday life I don't feel constantly oppressed by men. And I sometimes even enjoy being treated "like a lady", even though feminists from all over the world might get angry at me now because I seem to support this archaic concept of gender roles. 

But in my defense: There are some moments when my inner feminist speaks to me.

Yesterday was such a moment: a friend told me in privacy that she felt "not pure anymore" because she had sex with different partners. I don't want to get in the full details of our conversation, because it is actually a very private matter and also irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make here, but can you actually believe this?

First of all, why does a woman have to be pure? What's so glorious about purity?  It's just an abstract concept!
And why is the most natural thing in the world - the reason the world was born in the first place - why is it considered impure, sinful or shameful? Without sex, you wouldn't even be reading this!
Why does sex or even just sexual desire make only woman feel impure?
Or why are woman considered immoral if they enjoy the pleasure of several different men?
And the most important question of them all: Why do we believe these voices that tell us we are impure when we're actually doing something so completely normal?

It is easy to start and blame the education or old moral codes ("imposed on us throughout generations of male oppression" blah blah). There is, of course, truth to the fact that we are influenced greatly by our environment and social norms, but we also have a free will.
We should maybe look inside ourselves to look for the answers. Because no matter how influenced we get, there is still a decision to be made inside ourselves: 
Do we want to believe the voices just to fit in? Or do we want to be accepted for who we really are?

We also blame a lot of the times the male population for judging women, but we forget that all people (male & female) judge eachother on a daily basis. There isn't a day that goes by without us voicing our opinion about the things we see, rolling our eyes at the things we hear or evaluating others and their behaviour in general.

But I think the worst thing of all is that most women aren't in touch with the female sexuality or with their own sexuality for that matter.
It starts with such simple things as getting to know the private parts: Guys see a lot of dicks throughout their lives (basically everytime they go to a public toilet, right next to them at the urinal). A heterosexual woman might not see another vagina than her own in all her life (if she has even taken a good look at her own vagina(!), because that is a whole other challenge...)
And it goes to censorship of the female nipples, the vagina as a whole and female sexuality. Very few people talk openly about female masturbation, and female stimuli. Furthermore, a lot of people don't really know how lesbian sex works (or they believe everything they see in porn...).

We don't need to behave like men (or "do it like a dude" as a famous singer would say) in order for equality to finally come, but we need to feel comfortable with who we are, find out what we like and don't be ashamed about it.

Desires, Fantasies and Masturbation etc.
All of it should be part of an open dialogue
we have with ourselves first and then with others
without feeling guilty, sinful or weird.

Embrace & own your sexuality!
A gallery about female sexuality (proceed at your own risk): Click memememe or me.

We shouldn't feel impure or ashamed of our sexual preferences or desires, sex is supposed to feel good. But we can only achieve this feeling when we feel at ease or confident about what we like. We need to let go of all the shame that haunts us. That's why I believe, we need to free more than just the Nipple. We need to free our mind.
We need to take the time to get to know our bodies. We shouldn't be afraid to get us off better than maybe a different person can. We should also allow ourselves to openly enjoy the pleasure others give us and allow us & others to have sex with whomever we choose without calling anyone a slut or a whore.

Dear Women, 
take a moment to lie down and enjoy yourselves!
(with & without a partner ;) ) 
Free yourselves! 

You deserve to feel satisfied!
And you are the purest when you are happy!

I'd also like to recommend to watch this episode of Crash Course Philosophy: Click me.

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